Felix for App.net Release Notes

Felix was released as two separate apps, an iPhone edition and an iPad edition, beginning with version 2.0. Unless otherwise noted, the release notes for each edition are the same.
New in Felix 3.0.5 (January 22, 2014):

New in Felix 3.0.4 (December 17, 2013):

New in Felix 3.0.3 (October 29, 2013):

New in Felix 3.0.2 (September 26, 2013):

New in Felix 3.0.1 (September 19, 2013):

So much shiny, so little time! Here are some quick fixes that didn't quite make it in time for the big 3.0 release. I'm so glad you've been enjoying it, and now it's even faster and better!

There's some new stuff, too:

New in Felix 3.0 (September 18, 2013):

New in Felix 2.1.13 (September 8, 2013):

New in Felix 2.1.12 (August 19, 2013):

New in Felix 2.1.1 (August 5, 2013):

New in Felix 2.1 (July 10, 2013):

New in Felix 2.0.1 (June 17, 2013):

New in Felix 2.0 (June 3, 2013):

New in Felix 1.6.2 (May 7, 2013):

New in Felix 1.6.1 (April 17, 2013):

This version is mostly about bugfixes and a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff. It's built with love, though, so be sure to hit that update button!

New in Felix 1.6 (April 9, 2013):

New in Felix 1.5.1 (March 26, 2013):

New in Felix 1.5 (March 14, 2013):

Known Issues:

The Goods:

New in Felix 1.4.3 (February 26, 2013):

New in Felix 1.4.2 (February 15, 2013):

New in Felix 1.4.1 (February 13, 2013):

New in Felix 1.4 (January 29, 2013):

To the tune of "Ripple," by the Grateful Dead:

The fullscreen mode got a lot more shiny
The old swipes and gestures are no more
One-hand friendly navigation
There's a cool puck that you should use now

Drag across the puck slowly to change tabs
Slide up to write a brand new post
Or pull down, to scroll back up
Flick it real fast to move it there

Tap it to show some choices
Tap and hold to close it up
Or open too

The old "back" move was really sketchy
Now you just double tap the puck, oh yeah
1Password folks, get ready to be stoked
It's been fully integrated

Log in button, and even better
Hold web links to use its browser
And if you want, always use it
Those bits of love work for Chrome too

See your pushes in-app
Just swipe left to send them off
Or tap on them

Patter rooms, private ones at least
Public ones need to wait for now
Pick out a sweet new sound for push
There's a boatload more, go download it now

New in Felix 1.3.1 (January 11, 2013):

New in Felix 1.3 (January 3, 2013):

New in Felix 1.2.1 (December 13, 2012):

New in Felix 1.2 (December 7, 2012):

New in Felix 1.1.2 (October 29, 2012):

Felix 1.1.1 was released October 15, 2012.

Felix 1.1 was released October 12, 2012.

Felix 1.0.1 was released October 3, 2012.

Felix 1.0 was released September 25, 2012.